Joey Alizio - 666 SyndiCate - InSanity!

03/21/2012 12:33

I'm Just A Cool Guy.
Bored In Dover New HampShire.
Watching Paint Dry For 3 1/2 YearS Now.

Writing. Photography. Picture-Magic. Photo-EffectS.
Foto-FX. Digital Photography. Creative-Arts. Animation.
PaintingS. Action. Drama. MadneSS. InSanity.

My ArtiSt NameS..
Joseph Alizio. Hitman 1972. Joey Alizio Jr.
Ghostface Killah 2012. JoeygoodfellaX.
Outlaw Legendz 0Z. The Mean Man 187. Crazy Joe.
Uncle Murdah 2012. VINNIE ALLEN.

Where I Have Lived..
Portland Maine. Seattle WaShington.
Houston Texas. Plymouth Mass. Wareham Mass.
South Portland Maine. South Plymouth Mass.
Dover New Hampshire. Columbia Maryland.
Sicily AlaSka. Milwaukee WiSconSin.




Joey Alizio - 666 SyndiCate - InSanity!