Hey! Hold On To That Ugly Little Woman Of YourS! (Daddy'S In Town)

03/23/2012 13:37

Hey! Hold On To That Ugly Little Woman Of YourS!
(Daddy'S In Town)

I Paint LIKE I'm PiCaso.

Not PhuCking Really!
SoundS Great Though Doesn't It?
Not Really Though..

I Do Have PaintingS..
WhiCh  I Did Paint..
Hey! ThereS Six Long Boring..
WaSted MonthS Of My Time!

I PhuCking.. HATE Painting..

Well.. AnywayS..Therefore I MuSt Be..
A Painter..An ArtiSt PerhapS?...Riiight?

Who CareS.. Riiight?..
..You Don't LIKE ArtiStS.

People Who Create..
Don't Make SENSE (AD) To You..
Do They?
Why Create When You Can Run Your Mouth..
And Destroy LiveS (Mine) !? Riiight?

HouSton TexaS - 2004-2008
That IS Where I LIved.
PerhapS To Do Battle With The BuSh-BaggS ThemSelveS
"We Demand Our Oil Money Joe!"
AN Absolutely AbSurd Group Of MidgeT Little MenS.

ME: "Sure Little Georgey DaS-BuSh ManS..
Just Go On And SplaSh A Little CRISCO On Your..
Pink Little White ArSe..And I'll Send BUBBA By To See You.."

We Had To Make A ..
Bar (Pub) In Portland Maine Named BUBBA'S..
They're So Stupid.

There Is Nothing LIKE A Sulky (Sulking) Lounge.
Hey! Idiot-StiCkS.. What'S With The Long FaceS?
Still Waiting For BUBBA To Show.. Are You!? Ha! Ha! Ha!
Hey! Just Sit There And Pout For A Dozen YearS.

(Get ThiS:
For YearS They're Still..
Waiting For BUBBA To 'Show' Ha! Ha! Ha! )
Little H O M0 StiCkS.
Not Too.. Too.. Bright.

Google'S 'FamouS' PicaSa WebSiteS..

Hmmm... DeliCately To Put..
Well.. They Blocked Me For Over 7 YearS..
On Several Of My I.D'S..

PatroniZing Georgey DaS (Hitler LIKE)-BuSh:
"Gee Joe Why Do You Keep Making Moooore User I.D's!?"
(Laughing At Me Of CourSe - AlwayS Laughing At Me)
Gee Why Would I..
Need To Keep Making More I.D's..
You  ASsHoleS!.. LOL

They (You' All - TexanS Slang)
Didn't LIKE My ArtiSt NameS PerhapS..
Too 'Tough'.. Too 'Rugged'.. Too 'PeeniS LIKE'
Too 'Manly'.. Too 'Sicilian'.. Riiiight?
Too 'Biker'.. Too 'GangStA'..
Too.. Too.. Too.. 'Hard-Working-Man'.. Riiight?

Hey! Hold On To That Ugly Little Woman Of YourS!

I Did Have Two WebSiteS WhiCh NeVA Made It..
'DudeS'..I Just Don't Know How To spam..
So Give ThiS Sicilian A PhuCking Break.
Sending You EmailS All Day Long..
Just Doesn't Give Me A Hard-On.
Got It!?
(How Would I Do That AnywayS?)

Oh! My Writing..
<<< Get YourSelveS A..
QUALIFIED Attorney And LOOK Into It.

My Budget For My Domain And Dating WebSiteS..
Was ZERO. (JuSt Trying Sooomething)
Nothing. I'm Broke.. AssSs-HoleS.
YUp! On Social Security Since 2003 (Retroed)

Little GeorgeY-Jr Trying To Sell Me Google AdS..
For 1,500 Per Month..So He Can BloCk Me.
(On My 880.00 Social Security Check-At-The-Time)
Isn't That Sort Of Illegal?

BTW: I Had The ShiititeSt 15.00 Computer
(Thank-You-LosAA Stephanie-NotA-Real-Name)
On Earth At The Time.
Moving Up To My 400.00 DELL..
Sure MuSt Have been TraumatiC fOR aLL oF yOU.
160 GB Hard Drive.. 2 GB Memory..

Wowo! Let'S Party Like It's 1999!
YuppY! We're In The 2000'S! ..
You Hill-Billy IdiotS.. LOL..

I paid 50.00 One Time.. (Weak Moment?)
And Got Laughed At (Bigg HustlaS-Gaayy)
I Got 50 BuckS Worth Of Nothing.
No AdS Ever Near Google. TruSt That.
NeVA Again P U N K.

None Of ThiS REALLY Matter.ed..Did It?
Well I WaS Blocked ONLINE From..
Making ContaCt With 'HumanS (Ha Ha )..
On Earth..

Gee Georgey-DaS BuSh ..
Is It Your NASA CredentialS You're Using..
TO dEStROY My Life?..
-IggaS PleaSe..
Hey! You Little Hitler Astronaut!
It'S (I'm).. Your M A S S A.. Not Your N A S A ! !

(MASSA Used To Stand For  MassachuSettS..
WhiCh Was Read On The..
Back Of My Biker VeSt And JacketS.. 'DudeS - PleaSe!')
Hey! Take A Hill-Billy Vacation.. Would You!?)

George DaS-BuSh BaggS
LikeS To..
Talk Sooo.. Sooo.. Much 'SmaCk' On Me ..

Now It'S..
I Will 'NeVA Have A Woman Again  In My Life"
Well.. It HaS Been 3 1/2 YearS Now..
SinCe AnnA Spent 2 Long WeekS With Me..
Nope! Still NottA REAL Name. LOL..
(NottA Real Brain Either)

ME: "Oh Honey (You WiSh)..
PleaSe Tell Me That You Didn't Lie..(Again And Again)..
To Your Little PrinCe PuelloS!"
(You're) The LaSt PerSon That I EVer Slept With..
That Would Be Pretty Funny.

Yup! Stuck.. Lonely..
And Definately Bored In Dover New HampShire.

Not Good 'DudeS'..
Not Good At All...
Sooo Much Fun Knowing YOU BuddieS..
So Much Phucking Fun.

To NeVA Be Continued..
Who In The Phuck!$!..
Would Continue.. ThiS Story LinE!?..LOL

ThiS Picture:
Google.. PiCaSA CuStom CollagioS.
I Create Art. That'S What I Do.

LeaVe It.. Or LoVe It
The Under-Dogg'S On Top..

33 1/3 (HollA At Your CharlaY Boy!.JPG
H O U S T O N! Pop Off!





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